Ci vediamo al CodeMotion 2016?

Venerdì 18 saremo presenti al Codemotion 2016! Che ne dite di un caffè insieme 😉 ?

A modern DevOps approach: from Developer Cloud to Application Builder

Gabriele Provinciali, Nino Guarnacci


Most of the requirements for a modern DevOps approach should include – at least – two disrupting factors: using Cloud resources to gain self-service access to resources and automate the infrastructure setup, and assemble in an easy, intuitive manner an increasing number of building blocks available on the Cloud as services on different Marketplaces. The talk will expand these two concepts showing the step-by-step details required to use and automate the development activities on Cloud environments and how to create engaging applications combining services from multiple sources.

Language: English/Italian

Level: Intermediate

Gabriele Provinciali

Digital Architect – Oracle

Gabriele Provinciali is a Digital Architect in Oracle Italia, and currently working as Technology Advisor in Oracle enterprise accounts, with a specialization on Service Oriented Architectures, Mobile Computing, User Interaction technologies (Portals) and Big Data technologies. Provinciali has a long and proficient experience in the Telco Sector (Ericsson, British Telecom, and Marconi Communications) and in the Information Technology area (Sun, EMC, Silverstream, IONA, BEA, CA, Oracle), focused on the architecture, design and implementation of enterprise software solutions.


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Nino Guarnacci

BDM – Oracle

Business Solution Developer of Internet of Things and Mobile at Oracle. He has been participating at many different developer and solution communities. He has deep expertise in leading teams to develop and execute strategy. Prior to that he led technical teams on many different projects using several enterprise technology standardising the approach and translating it for different markets: Finance, Transportation, Manufacturing. Author for many technical digital news community sites and for the official Oracle blog site. External teacher for many Italian University Master.



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