Incontro DevOps Italia 2016

Ci vedremo al quarto incontro su Devops a Bologna, organizzato dal GrUSP, che annuncia protagonisti di rilievo, tra cui Mark Burgess (CFEngine) e Peter Herzum.

DevOps Italia 2016.png

L’agenda è la seguente:

Main Room
8:45 Registration

9:30 Conference Welcome

9:50 Keynote by Mark Burgess: Brains, Society, and Semantic Spaces: the future of IT

10:40-10:55 Coffee break

Track “A”
10:55 A DevOps State of Mind

11:35 A modern production stack from cloud deployment to load balancing

12:15 Necessary tooling and monitoring for performance critical applications

13:00-14:00 Lunch Break

14:05 Clusters are not stateless

14:45 HTTP 2.0

15:25 Gluster roadmap, recent improvements and upcoming features

16:15 How does Continuous Delivery (and DevOps) look like from “the Ivory Tower”

16:55 Testing infrastructure as code in Chef

17:35 Infrastructure-as-code in the real world: running microservices on AWS with Docker, ECS, and Terraform

Track “B”
10:55 Puppet evolutions

11:35 War Games — flight training for DevOps

12:15 Continuous Delivery

13:00-14:00 Lunch Break

14:05 Agile distributed team, off-shore supplier, different cultures

14:45 How we automated all Devuan development infrastructure using OpenNebula, Chef, GitLab and Jenkins (and Amprolla)

15:25 Continuous Integration: SaaS vs Jenkins in Cloud

16:15 A developer’s journey into building automated tests for IT from the ground up

16:55 oVirt as virtualization platform to leverage cloud technologies allowing you to have a IAAS / IAC for your Dev-Ops environment

17:35 Containers Live Migration behind the scene

Workshop Room
10:55 Advanced Practices of Agile DevOps

14:05 Siete pronti per il DORA? Un Workshop operativo sul DevOps Release Automation

15:05 t.b.a

16:15 DevOps @ Cineca

17:15 Bash Only Deployment

See you there 🙂

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